Save the Date for Oaktown Dreamin’

Join us on September 25, 2020 for the inaugural Oaktown Dreamin’. It will be held at California State University, East Bay in downtown Oakland, CA. This community conference is the first of its kind as it’s focused on diversity and inclusion in the Community.

Ok, we know you have questions, so we’re here to answer them for you!

1. Where is Oaktown?
This is the nickname for Oakland, CA. In case you don’t know, it’s only the most important port on the west coast! (Hear that, San Francisco?)

2. Why have a dreamin’ event when you’re so close to San Francisco? You already get TDX and Dreamforce.
Oaktown Dreamin’ is an event for the community and by the community. Because we’re so close to the mothership, we are doing our best to snag some quality speakers that everyone will want to hear and this event will have a diversity and inclusion theme that we think makes it extra special to us and our community.

3. Why aren’t you holding this in San Francisco?
Well, we kinda think Oakland is better…we might be biased though.

4. How do I find out more information?
Follow our Twitter account (@OaktownDreamin) and sign up on our website!

5. Can I submit to speak?
Yes! Keep watching this space for our call for speakers. We love community speakers.

6. Don’t we have enough community conferences?
Is this a real question? Are you one of those people that says they have too many stickers too?

7. Can I volunteer?
We can’t do any of this without help, so we will put out a call for volunteers a little closer to the event. We’re all currently running around making sure the logistics are handled and we don’t lose our minds!

Please follow our Twitter account, sign up for more information, tell your friends and family and get your favorite AppExchange app to sponsor. As a brand new conference, we’re trying really hard to shout it from the rooftops, so any help amplifying our event will earn you a special place in our hearts!