Thank You!

On behalf of Oaktown Dreamin’, it is with gratitude that we say thank you for your support. We say thank you to all of our speakers, sponsors, and to all of our attendees both online and in spirit. Your participation made the inaugural Oaktown Dreamin’ conference a resounding success.

Switching to a more personal tone, I loved the cool backgrounds showcased throughout Sarah Franklin’s Opening Keynote. I had my own fanboy moment during the Fireside Chat between Cynthia Hill and Leah McGowen-Hare. I was awed by Ayori Selassie’s AI presentation. The panel moderated by Shonnah Hughes with Matthew Kirby, Jesse Martinez, Kevin L. Nichols, Solomon Wilkins, and Rebe de la Paz was packed with insight. Finally, Rakia Finley took us home with her Closing Keynote that inspired us to action.

I appreciate the countless hours from Abiud (AJ) Amaro Diaz, Cynthia Hill, Jenh Vo, co-host Sybil Carter Love, and Tami Lau. Edison Lam also volunteered the day of the event. Some early team members include Jodi Wagner, Shavaughn Baker, and Steven Han. I am thankful for some key support from Megan Himan, Marisa Lopez, Charlie Isaacs, and Kendall Odom.

Thanks also to our sponsors GetFeedback, OwnBackup, Left Propeller, Proton Text, and Salesforce.

See you in 2021!

See You In 2021!